Spotting error 11th sept


Welcome to your Spotting error 11th sept

A. After sunset
B. every member of the team
C. went to their houses.
D. No error.
A. Many times the news has been published
B. in the papers that the end of the world will be certain
C. if a nuclear war breaks out.
D. No error.
A. The reason Ram
B. is absent from his duty
C. is because he is unwell.
D. No error.
A. Azharuddin is one of the finest batsmen
B. that India have produced 
C. over the decades.
D. No error.
A. The thief broke in the
B. house at the 
C. dead of night
D. No error.
A study of sounds is known as
Animals that live in a particular region
Speak or perform without previous preparation
To give one's authority to another
One who breaks the law
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