Phrasal Verbs 10th Sept


Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs 10th Sept

I don’t believe his story. It just doesn’t add________.
A. On the busy Ring Road
B. we witnessed a collusion 
C. between a truck and an auto. 
D. No error.
Maria sometimes has to _________ as our babysitter as well as our maid.

A. You must
B. remember me
C. to post this letter.
D. No error.

We’ll have to account ________ the missing money somehow.
A. If a man diligently seeks to come into the contact
B. with the best that has been thought and said in this world
C. he will become simple and unselfish.
D. No error.
You should act ________ your doctor’s advice to eat more fruit and vegetables.
A. Mr.Wayne
B. is not attending his office
C. for the last one month.
D. No error.
A good light show adds a lot__________the excitement of a rock concert.
A. I shall certainly 
B. write you
C. when I shall reach Paris
D. No error.
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