General Study 22nd Oct


Welcome to your General Study 22nd Oct

'The World Outside My Window' is written by which author?
Who was the founder of Banaras Hindu University?
Which among the following is not a connective tissue?
The Mosque with "shaking minarets" is situated in which Indian city?
What is the SI unit of frequency?
Soil having high content of aluminum and iron oxide is also known as _____.
Ozone is an ______ of oxygen.

Epiphytes are plants which depend on other plants for : 
इपीफाईट्स वह पौधे हैं जो अन्य पौधों पर ____ के लिए निर्भर करते हैं:

Anti-defection law is given in which schedule of Indian constitution?
Which among the following is a 'Modifier key'?
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