Error Detection Quiz 8th Sept


Welcome to your Error Detection Quiz 8th Sept

In this age of despair and despondency, (A)/ only our rich cultural heritage can help us (B)/escape to the menacing doom (C)/ No Error (D)
Such natural imagery suggests that the killings (A)/ were akin with a natural disaster and (B)/ not a matter of individual responsibility (C)/ No Error (D)
If he wanted(1)/ to get good marks(2)/, he should not(3)/ has wasted his time.(4)/No error. (5)
Skating is(1)/ quite difficult, but the more(2)/ you practice,(3)/ the easy it gets.(4)/ No error. (5)
The author’s vision suffused by (A)/ an innocence and warmth, may not correspond (B)/ to the country as it is today (C)/ No Error (D)
All the beach hotels(1)/ was full, so they(2)/ ended up staying(3)/ in the town centre.(4)/ No error. (5)
Since the growth (1)/ of travel agencies and tourism companies,(2)/ travelling became very pleasant,(3)/and hassle-free.(4)/ No error (5)
Vipul was entrusted with the task (A)/ of coordinating yesterday’s programme, but due to certain (B)/ difficulties he does not do it (C)/ No Error (D)
I was (1)/ little worried (2)/ about the exam (3) /and the interview.(4) /No error (5)
Of all the men known to me (A)/none is less inclined that he is to (B)/ think ill to others (C)/ No Error (D)
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