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Though an increasing member of young graduates(1)/ prefer to working with startups, (2)/ there are alots of issues that one should take(3)/ note of before making a decision(4)/ No Error(5)
When it comes to quitting a company (1), /the best way to avoid any animosity between employee and employer (2)/ is by serving the stipulated notice period (3)/ and ensuring a proper handover(4)/No Error(5)
A factor that is generally overlooked(1)/ but has profound effects is the cultural impact(2)/ at micro and macro levels (3)/ in the process of entrepreneurship (4)/No Error(5)
If there is a silver line (1)/ in the tragedy that has engulfed (2)/ Chennai, it is the quite heroism (3)/ of many of its residents (4)/No Error(5)
The central message of recent economic data (1)/ and RBI’s monetary policy is that (2)/ there are discernible signs of industrial recovery, (3)/ laid by the manufacturing sector(4)/No Error(5)
The only antidote to the turmoil (1)/ caused by spillovers from monetary policy changes (2)/ in the US is a commitment (3)/ to sound macroeconomics policies at home (4)/No Error(5)
There is something undeniable (1)/ unnatural in amassing wealthy only to (2)/ voluntarily give almost all of it (3)/ away to strangers(4)/No Error(5)
He said the government would not remin satisfied(1)/ with short-term measures alone and would put in (2)/ more efforts on long-term measures which require (3)/ more investment to improve infrastructure (4)/No Error(5)
Both houses of parliament expressed grief (1)/ over the loss of lives (2)/ due to the floods (3)/ in the south-east parts of the country (4)/No Error(5)
Companies want to understand (1)/ the startups space and (2)/ how is it changing the (3)/ way business is done.(4)/No Error(5)
The importanse 1)/ given to content-oriented
2)/ approach has affected the methodology 3)/
of this project 4)/. All correct 5)
Almost all risk-taking 1)/ work involve 2)/
decision 3)/ making under uncertainty. 4)/
All correct 5)
In developing 1)/ countries there is increesing
2)/ concern for fostering 3)/ human potential.
4)/ All correct 5)
I want to express 1)/ my appreciation 2)/ of
the help offered 3)/ by my former colleages.
4)/ All correct 5)
The research 1)/ reported 2)/ in this valume
3)/ assumes importance. 4)/ All correct 5)
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