English Quiz 5th Dec


Welcome to your English Quiz 5th Dec

No one wants to drive to work anymore (1)/because of traffic jams (2)/at rush hour. (3)/ No error (4)
As they climb  (1)/ higher, the air  (2)/became cooler.  (3)/ No error  (4)
The burglar stole all the money (1)/in the house but surprisingly missed  (2)/  the jewelleries in the locker.  (3)/  No error (4)
I shall  go (1)/  by the (2)/  3 O’ clock’s train. (3)  /  No error (4)
The best-known leader (1)/ among them were (2)/ Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar patel and Jawaharlal  Nehru.  (3)/ No  error (4)
He was smiling, (1)/ but his eyes retained (2)/ a look of solemness. (3)/ No  error (4)
Owing to the disturbing noise,(1)/the speaker was forced  (2)/  to adjourn the meetings. (3)/  No error (4)
The climate (1)/  of Mumbai  (2)/ is better than  Hyderabad. (3)/ No error (4)
In my opinion (1)/  a pencil is always (2)/more preferable to a pen. (3)/  No  error (4)
No man can become a great (1)/artist unless he (2)/  apply himself continually to his art. (3)/  No error  (4)
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