English Quiz 3rd Nov


Welcome to your English Quiz 3rd Nov

I am sure I will get (A)/ a lot of money if the value of (B)/ the old coins are considered. (C)/ No error
One of the state in which (A)/ Satyagraha was offered was Rajkot, (B)/ where Govind had spent his youth. (C)/ No error
The requirements necessary (A)/ to gain the permission depend on (B)/ the country of the adopting parent. (C)/ No error
Things seemed to be (A)/ looking in at last when (B)/ we got the contract from Mr. Sarkar. (C)/ No error
The critics claim that the number of audiences (A)/ for films showing supernatural (B)/ things have decreased dramatically over the last few years. (C)/ No error
One can be truthful (A)/ without having been cruel but that may not always (B)/ be the case. (C/ No error
According to scientists, (A)/ there are a lot of (B)/ answers about it. (C)/ No error
I began to suspect trouble (A)/ as soon as one of the boys (B)/ threw a stone at the policeman. (C)/ No error
The artist, plainly a better critic (A)/ than a painter, destroyed what (B)/ he made over for ten years. (C)/ No error
While it is apparent (A)/ that biotechnology offers significant benefits (B)/ adequate attention has not been focused to this vital area. (C)/ No error

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