English Quiz 23rd Nov


Welcome to your English Quiz 23rd Nov

The issues are very complex (A)/ and the problem is that they are bound to be obscured (B)/ by these hypocritical politicians (C)/ No Error (D)
Between you and I (A)/ he probably won’t (B)/ come at all (C)/ No Error (D).
The officer as well as (A)/ the assistants absented (B)/ themselves from the office (C)/ No Error (D).
I always enjoy (A)/ to read (B)/ books (C)/ No Error (D).
Glimpses to the religious side (A)/ of his nature appear in (B)/ the majority of his plays (C)/ No Error (D).
The Statesman has the (A)/ larger circulation (B)/ of all English details (C)/ No Error (D).
Giving undue favours to to one's own kith and kin
One who does not care for literature or art
Easily fooled
A person who wastes his money on luxury
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