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Such natural imagery suggests that the killings were akin with a natural disaster and not a matter of individual responsibility.
Some animals are much more capable than humans for perceiving certain kinds of stimuli which may precede earthquakes.
I have a propound respect for his political ____________.
P: Corruption allegations involving government officials, including the 2G spectrum case and the Indian coal allocation scam.
Q: Poor economic conditions in the country, and growing discontent over a series of.
R: Lost much of its popular support, mainly because of several years of.
S: By the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party had.
Clumsy or ill-bred fellow
Draw a blank
A silly person
Forests on the whole are less ____________ than farms to flood damage.
P: Yet making loans to poor people is hardly a Poverty cure.
Q: Segmenting the industry, might be worthwhile if it allows more of the poor to get access to credit.
R: Multinational corporations could take the top microfinance institutions to the next level, and the remainder could take the responsibility of development groups and regional banks.
S: Property rights and the role of law matter too.
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