English Quiz 15th Oct


Welcome to your English Quiz 15th Oct

This novel (1)/ of Sheldon is more interesting (2)/ than any other novel.(3)/No error. (4)
Most countries in the world (1)/ is for (2)/ peace.(3)/No error (4)
Many a man (1)/ have realised (2)/ that the real happiness lies in making sacrifices.(3)/No error.(4)
A technical view of new gadgets (1)/ sometimes differ (2)/ from an economic perspective.(3)/No error.
We need to surround ourselves with (1)/ caring people particular loved ones who(2)/ bring hope and support to our hearts and minds and with whom we can communicate.(3)/ No error.(4)
A bigger bang for your buck
At sixes and sevens
Argus eyed
A pig in a poke
Bring to book
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